Kohler has racked up another, very AUDIBLE first!  Say hello to Moxie…..the first bluetooth-enabled showerhead that will stream music, talk and podcasts directly into the shower stall!

Moxie Showerhead+Wireless Speaker

Moxie Showerhead+Wireless Speaker

Launching in New Zealand in November 2013, the Moxie’s beautiful styling is paired with stand-out innovation to deliver a very smart looking showerhead that produces a high quality mix of excellent sound and refreshing, revitalising water coverage.

The design exudes simple, flowing lines with a chrome funnel-shaped showerhead and white silicone interior housing 60 angled nozzles around its perimeter.  The integrated wireless speaker fits perfectly inside this – cleverly held in place by virtue of magnets!

Moxie 5inch Showerhead+Wireless Speaker

Moxie 5inch Showerhead+Wireless Speaker

Pairing of the Moxie with a blue-tooth enabled device – smart phone, MP3 or iMac for example – is easy.  To charge simply pop the speaker out of the showerhead and recharge via the USB lead provided – the speaker is held in place by magnetic surfaces so it couldn’t be easier.  Each charge gives about seven hours of use.

The Moxie showerhead comes in two sizes – a 12.5cm (5 inch) shower rose and a 20cm (8 inch) – has a clean white silicone spray face, 1.5 watt speaker and a three star WELS rating (the highest attainable).  Its chrome surface is resistant to both tarnishing and corrosion.

Independent reviews have confirmed the sound of the Moxie is both crisp and clear with no distortion, even at full volume.   So no matter how strong the shower, we won’t miss a beat!

The speaker of the Moxie has a pairing range of 10 metres and is excellent for use in other areas such as the beach or at picnics.

Watch the Moxie in action here:

To find out where you can get your Moxie and SHOWER OUT LOUD, visit Kohler New Zealand or

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