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For more than a century Kohler has studied the movement of water in order to create products that offer the perfect bathing environment.

The Kohler range offers a vast array of baths in a variety of designs and sizes - there really is a style and size to suit every bathroom. And to ensure optimal luxury there are options such as contoured lumbar and arm supports, head rests and pillows, models from 1520mm to 1800mm long and baths for two people.

Depending on the size and the design of the bathroom there are a number of styles to choose from:


has a finished rim and is designed to drop into a deck or custom surround. It can be installed in corners, peninsulas and islands or can be sunk into the floor. A drop-in bath is supported from below and has a self-rimming edge designed to sit over a frame topped with a water resistant material.

Free standing

can be installed away from the wall or even in the middle of the room. Typically the bath is supported by feet or a decorative base or plinth.


designed to fit into a three-walled recess – ideal for a bath/shower installation

Once the position of the bath has been decided you then need to select a shape. There are generally three shapes to choose from - rectangular, oval or corner design.

But the bath is just the beginning of the Kohler experience – the brand offers four distinct technologies to create the ultimate home spa experience:


deliver powerful, targeted massage, providing real solutions for unwinding and revitalising the body and encouraging an increased sense of well-being. Whirlpool jets are individually adjustable to target specific areas of the body.


uses the soothing qualities of colour and light to relax both body and mind. There are eight colour options that can be selected via the electronic control to suit the mood or on continual rotation.


thousands of bubbles filled with warm air thoroughly support and massage the body for an invigorating, blissful experience. The strategically placed air jets, around the lower perimeter of the bath, are unobtrusive and result in a very clean design that closely resembles the streamlined proportions of a conventional bath.


A series of ports, optimally located, distribute millions of gentle champagne- like bubbles that envelop the body and cling to and caress the skin. This delivers a sublime, utterly relaxing spa experience.

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